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Most of you are probably aware by now of the cyber attacks sweeping the world by storm and mainly being ransomware.
This particular nasty infects your PC or laptop with a program that steals all of your important files and locks you out until you pay a certain amount of money to release them again.

I Can't emphasise enough the importance of backing up your files, I know to some people this can be quite a hard thing to do, and others just simply can't be bothered, but believe me if you lose all of your important files and photos you probably would be quite upset.

If you are using a Mac then they offer a fantastic solution for this with their Time Machine, and also of course Microsoft has a backup software Hidden in their OS and of course there is other alternate software for backing up.

Of course if you are familiar with your operation system and is confident to drag and drop your files to an external hard drive then this also works well.

Also in this day and age we now have many cloud options, which for some people that may not know is like Apples cloud service or Microsoft's onedrive in which you upload your important files to a Secure server over the Internet.

And if that still have worries you can always by alternatives like WD mycloud Devices to make your own cloud Storage.

Whichever way you choose it is always worthwhile backing up what is important to you.

And of course if all this is completely over your head then seek professional advice from a PC store or local computer repair shop to help you.

Other things to do to keep you safe are to never Open attachments in emails or click on links in emails from anybody you do not know and also including so-called emails from banks and credit card companies asking you to give details.
This would never happen online as they would get in touch with you by letter or by phone.

Also if you get a phone call from Microsoft to say you have many errors on your PC or laptop, this is a scam as Microsoft would never phone anybody.
In a matter of fact it's almost impossible to even contact them.

I have so many customers that never backs up any of their files, so even if you have a hard drive failure all your important files are likely to be gone forever.for more infomation and tips on backing up check out the Help and Links page.

I really hope this information helps.

Be safe out there.

Kev Easypropcs