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Backing up

It is always a good idea to backup all your personal files on your PC as it is always very stressful to lose files and pictures that you have saved over the years.

There are many ways to do this:

  1. Have another hard drive fitted in your PC to backup files, then if you have to format your main drive you won’t lose them.
  2. Buy yourself a USB flash drive they come in much larger sizes thease days
  3. USB external hard drive which can come in as larger size as 4 Terabyte (ideal for videos and other larger files)
  4. Also available are Zip drives and SDD memory cards. (ideal for smaller size files)
  5. you can also back up your files to a cloud service such as Apple icloud or Microsofts Onedrive and many others (Normaly you get a small amount of space for free then to aquire more space you would pay a monthly fee.)
  6. Last but not least is to set up your own cloud drive, there are many solutions for doing this but for an example you can buy a WD cloud drive, click on the picture below for more information.




If you have a Windows PC or laptop Running Windows 10 a Microsoft has made things easier for you When it comes to antivirus software.

Installing your own anti-virus software is no longer required when running Windows 10 as Microsoft have incuded Antivirus protection built into the Operation system.

So please keep this in mind when buying a new PC or laptop running Windows 10, as on most occasions the shop will try to sell you this additional software that you really don't need.

These particular pieces of software are normally Norton AntiVirus or McAfee Which are notorious for slowing down any PC or Laptop It Really isn't worth the money.

Also if you are running Microsoft Windows 7 You can download Microsoft Security essentials From Microsoft's website.

I have provided the link for the Download below.


Free anti virus links

Microsoft security essentials is Microsofts own free anti virus software which unlike other big named anti viruses does not slow your machine down, it's totally free from Microsoft as long as you have a legitimate copy of Microsoft Windows and it runs on Windows 7.

Click on the button below to go to the download page:

In my opinion AVG was a good piece of Anti-Virus software for free, but unfortunately over the years it has changed. AVG has now become a much larger piece of software which also tries to sell you other AVG Products like AVG Tuneup Which in my opinion really slows down your machine rather than speeding it up as it's just another piece of software running in the background Using resources. Also of course it's not required any more if you are running Windows 10.

How ever I have left the the link on my website below for anybody who still wants to use this Antivirus software, But in my opinion Unless you have a really powerful machine I would recommend downloading the Microsoft Security essentials Instead.

Click on the button below to go to the download page:

As well as viruses we also have to put up with malware which again like virus can be very tedious, malwarebytes is a very good program for keeping malware at bay, the free version doesn't work in the background but you can manually scan when you like with this program and it will get rid of a good percentage of malware from your system and it's runs ok Win 7 and 10.

Click on the button below to go to the download page:

Although most of the time using a Mac PC you are free from viruses Macs are getting more and more popular, there has been the occasional virus or two out there usually Apple are very quick at getting on top off them when they do appear, but there also is a free anti virus software for the Mac too called Sophos.

Click on the button below to go to the download page:

Driver Downloads

Drivers are files that are needed for hardware to be installed onto your PC or Laptop, for example: printers, graphic cards, wireless cards and many other hardware items.

These drivers are usually provided by the manufacturers, but sometimes these drivers can be lost or just need to be updated.

Here are a few popular manufacturers links you may need at some point.


Epson Printer
HP Printer
Canon Printer
Lexmark Printer
AMD Drivers
ATI Drivers
NVADIA Drivers
intel Drivers
Dell PCs / Laptops
HP / Compaq PCs / Laptops