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Warranty Policy

All new products supplied by EasyPro PCs are guaranteed for a period of twelve months from date of invoice. All second-user products supplied by EasyPro PCs are guaranteed for a period of three months from date of invoice.

Data Loss/Backup Policy

Before passing any hardware* to EasyPro PCs for any service, it is vital that the customer backs up all data and files held on the hardware. EasyPro PCs cannot be held responsible for any loss of data or files incurred during repair, upgrade, formatting etc.

*’hardware’ includes any device capable of storing data, such as hard drives, PCs, Laptops.

Software Disclaimer

Many computer problems can be caused by faulty software, or software which conflicts with existing data held on your system. Whilst we at EasyPro PCs make every possible effort to assist you with your software problems, we cannot be held responsible for problems caused by software which has been installed by the customer, either before or after work has been carried out. We will guarantee all hardware supplied and work carried out by EasyPro PCs, except where such hardware or work has been directly impaired by software not installed by us.

Product Descriptions

Whilst every effort is made to provide the most accurate and up-to-date information, some items supplied may not be the exact items displayed in photographs on the web site. Items supplied will be of equal or greater specification than the photograph. All items are subject to availability, and substitutions may sometimes need to be made where items become out of stock.


Links to other web sites are intended to be of assistance to EasyPro PC customers and visitors. We cannot be held responsible for the content or recommendations contained on web sites not controlled by EasyPro PCs.


Unless otherwise specified, printers are sold without ink cartridges.


All information on this Web site is copyright 2005 by EasyPro PCs