We repair all PC & Laptop problems (hardware and software) on a no fix no fee basis, so why not give us a call.

All callouts are free in the local area; we will come to your home and give a quote for any work to be carried out on your computer or Laptop.

If we can fix the problem in your home on your PC or Laptop within an hour it will be at our standard charge of £25.00. If the problem is more complicated then we will quote you for the job in hand.

Our standard charge for a full system re-install is just £40.00 (please be aware that with re-installing your computer, you will lose all the data on your hard drive). However in most cases we can save all your important files on another drive and replace them on your system after re-installation. Please note that I can only save your personal files not your programs (software).

If you have a large amount of data to be backed up then an additional charge will apply.

Check out our Help & Links page information on backing up important files.

We are now also repairing Tablets, iPads and iPhones, for more information you can click on the appropriate icon on the main page.

EasyPro PCs have been repairing laptops for a number of years in the Norfolk and Suffolk area with many satisfied customers who return time and again.

We offer a customer focused laptop repair service.

Our friendly engineer will offer his advice and support to you, and will undertake a thorough investigation of your laptop to ascertain exactly where the problem lies, and the correct most cost effective approach to take.

We can repair many hardware problems such as screen replacements, faulty keyboards, faulty AC inputs, hard drive problems and much more. Just pick up the phone or please click here for a quote.


Here are some prices for the most common repairs



Screen Replacement

The cost price for a brand new quality screen with warranty is around £60 to £80 (based on a 15" screen). Some models may be cheaper, please click here for a quote on your Laptop, we sell the screen to you at cost price and charge just £30 for professional fitting.

For other size screens please contact us.

Sometimes we can get good quality second user screens at a good price, please ask if you would like us to try.

Power Jack Replacement

In most cases with this repair it is necessary to disassemble the laptop down to the main board, so as to be able to de-solder the old jack and re-solder on the new jack.

The part is very cheap to buy but the job itself is quite time consuming.

We charge £60 in total for this repair.

Keyboard Replacement

To replace a keyboard in most cases is not too difficult so we charge only £20, the keyboard price can vary according to the model of laptop, for a quote please click here.

Hard Drive Replacement

Again in most cases to remove and replace a hard drive is straightforward, but older models can be more complex. Prices for hard drives vary on what size you require please
click here for a quote.

In most cases to just replace a drive you pay only cost price of the hard drive and a small fee for fitting.

If you require the operation system to be reinstalled then the price would be for the hard drive and £40 for reinstalling and setting up the system back to default settings.

Please note that with some laptops you get a system restore disk when you first buy your laptop or the operation system can be hidden on a partition on your hard drive.

If you have lost the operation disk or your old hard drive has become unreadable then please contact us click here for a price and we will happily give you a quote.



The workshop is where most of the work is carried out; we can also work at your home or business for broadband and network repair and setups etc.

The workshop is based in Gorleston on the premises of the business owner Kevin Yaxley (location can be found on Google maps or Click Here), this helps keep the prices down as there is not so many overhead expenses to pay as when owning a shop.

The workshop is fully alarmed and insured for your peace of mind and security.

When repairs need carrying out we offer a free pick up service within our local area (five mile radius), and when the work is finished a free return. Outside the local area a small charge is made to cover the additional mileage. Please contact us if you are unsure whether you live within the five mile radius.